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Saturday, 10 Nov, 2012 09:30 AM Selling for Multiple Estates
O'Neal Auction Center, 11112 Laurel Road in Laurel, DE on the corner of U.S. Rt. 13N & Rt. 24 Terms: Cash, Approved Check, or Visa/MC on day of sale. 13% Buyer's Premium with 3% discount with cash or check.
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Saturday, November 10, 2012
9:30 a.m. (Outside Items)  10:00 a.m. (Inside Glassware)

Preview: Friday, November 9th from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Furniture at 1:00 p.m. PA cherry 2 pc. corner cupboard w/single 12 light door on top & 2 panel doors on btm, bracket ft, (85Hx41W), Chippendale walnut & birds eye maple slant front desk w/4 graduated dwrs., fitted interior, & bracket ft., Chippendale cherry 5 graduated dwr. gentlemans chest w/dovetail case, grain painted jelly cupboard w/dwr., N.E. softwood mule chest w/cut-out base, heart pine linen press w/btm. dwr., PA softwood 2 pc. step back cupboard w/2 light doors on top over 2 dwrs over 2 panel doors on btm., dovetailed heart pine blanket chests, heart pine drop-leaf table with dovetail base, early pine corner cupboard w/single panel door over single panel door (71Hx46W), pine dovetail school masters desk w/tapered legs, 2  plank btm. deacons benches, Hepplewhite walnut D/L table, Sheraton cherry D/L table w/dwr., cabinet maker Sheraton sofa, Victorian walnut finger carved sofa, Victorian walnut finger carved side chairs & arm chairs, Victorian walnut marble top bureaus, Victorian walnut marble top coffee table & lamp table, 2 section oak stack bookcase, oak roll-top desk, oak lift lid & single door icebox, softwood kitchen Hoosier cabinet w/flour bin, oak 6 dwr. spool cabinet, set of 6 arrow back plank btm. chairs, Birds Eye maple slant front desk, Victorian 5 shelf what-not, cherry Q.A. style silver chest, dovetail cradle, softwood 4 dwr. cottage chest w/handkerchief dwrs., Sheraton card table, Duncan Phyfe style mahogany card tables, Hepplewhite 2 dwr. worktable, Windsor nursing rocker, cane back & btm. rockers, oak swivel office chair, Norway Donata 2 pc. living room set, Teakwood Danish coffee table, Teakwood Danish floor lamp, Vitze Danish teakwood stack tables, 8 pc. Danish dining room set, A.B.J. Danish coffee & end table set, 3 pc. leather Italian living room set, Salotti Natuzzi leather club chairs, and many other outstanding pcs. of furniture.

Mechanical Bank Collection at 12:00 Noon: Calamity-Football bank, Chief Big Moon, Clown on Globe  Funny Clown, Eagle & Eaglets, Indian Shooting Bear  Bear Hunt, Artillery bank, Keltie bank, Magician bank, Monkey & Coconut, Organ Bank  medium and miniature and other still banks.

Guns: Mossberg Silver Series 28 ga. over/under w/box, Remington model 1100 12 ga. auto. shotgun, Remington Sportsman 58, 12 ga. auto. shotgun, Remington Sportsman 48, 20 ga. auto. shotgun.

Glassware Items at 10:00 a.m. Edison Home Phonograph w/2 horns, brass hanging angle lamp, hall hanging lamps, Gone w/the Wind lamps, a collection of occupational shaving mugs, barber bottles, Vasoline glass, Delaware glass, blue opalescent glass, Cranberry glass, Wedgewood, blue decorated crock, country collectibles, several quilts & counterpanes, match holders, cast-iron horse drawn toys, Depression glass, Barber Pole, doll strollers, Howard Schroeder oil on artist board, W.Woodruff watercolors, several prints, Wolfs Head sign, Service Station signs & racks, frosted lion compotes, cup & saucer collection, bisque figures, early covered milk glass pcs., inkwells, frosted bird compotes, sugar shakers, sleigh bells, Flint glass, paperweights, sterling pcs., signed New England Patriots 1985 football, signed hand painted tie by Lem Ward of Canvasback Drake w/letter from Lem, advertising pcs., door stops, and many other items.

Outside Items at 9:30 a.m. furniture in need of repair, Christmas items, books, linens, records, toys, pots, pans, yard & garden items, tools, and many items too numerous to mention.

Terms: Cash, Check, or Visa/MC on the day of sale. All items must be paid for on the day of sale. A 13% Buyers Premium will be charged on all items, with a 3% discount when paying with cash or check. All items are sold, AS-IS. Removal of items within 5 days.

This auction will feature the antiques and collectibles from a local collector along with items from his parents collection who has decided to liquidate some of his collection and allow others to enjoy them as he did. This will be a great Thanksgiving Weekend auction that you will not want to miss. Two auctioneers will be selling the entire day. Be sure to bring a friend.


November 10, 2012

1. Magician Bank

2. Indian Shooting Bear Bank- Bear Hunt

3. Chief Big Moon Bank

4. Organ Bank

5. Small Organ Bank

6. Eagle and Eaglets Bank

7. A Calamity- football bank

8. Clown on Globe Bank

9. Worlds Fair Bank

10. Frog on Round Base  Lattice Bank

11. Rabbit in Cabbage Bank

12. Halls Liliput Bank with tray bank

13. Gem Bank

14. Creedmoor Bank English

15. Monkey and Coconut

16. Artillery Bank- Rectangular Trap

17. Speaking Dog Bank

18. Magic Bank

19. Kiltie Bank

20. Halls Excelsior

21. Monkey Bank

22. Tammany Bank

23. Halls Excelsior (dmg)

24. Owl-turns head

25. Elephant Howdah-pull tail

26. Owl-turns head

27. Jolly Nigger Bank Starkie- moves ears

28. Jolly Nigger Bank-Fixed ears

29. Little Joe Bank  Type 2

30. Football Kicker

31. The Sportsman-The Sussex Trust Co.

32. Irishman with Pig-American Security and Trust

33. Independence Hall (reproduction)

34. William Tell (Book of Knowledge reproduction)

35. Cat and Mouse-Cat balancing (book of knowledge reproduction)

36. Artillery Bank (Book of knowledge reproduction)

37. Butting Buffalo (Book of Knowledge reproduction)

38. Trick Dog (reproduction)

39. Wooden Circus Savings Bank

40. Metal Home Bank- Teller

41. Metal Birdhouse Wind-up Bank with key

42. Tin post office bank

43. Tin 2nd National Duck Bank (blue base)

44. Tin 2nd National Duck Bank (red base)

45. Chein tin church bank

46. Bowling Savings Bank

47. Jack pot bank

48. Happy Days Bank

49. Plastic House Bank-The First National Bank of Seaford

50. Santa Bank

51. Santa with sack bank

52. Monkey with cymbals Wind-up toy

53. Side dump toy

54. 3 pc. train set

55. Wood Church Bank (paper labels)

56. Wood Church Bank

57. Ye Olde Coach and four (Made in England)

58. French Cancan Musical Globe (Swiss movement)

59. Tin Snow White Bank

60. Covered Wagon Bank (First National Bank of Lander)

61. Jasco Big Top Circus Bank

62. Globe Bank

63. Chein Clown Face Bank

64. Chein Clown Face Bank

65. Chein Clown Face Bank

66. Chein Monkey Bank

67. Book of Thrift Bank (The Binghamton Savings Bank)

68. Elephant Bank

69. Chein Dime Register Bank

70. Uncle Sams 3 coin register bank

71. Uncle Sams 3 coin register bank

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