Over 65 Estate Guns, Antiques, Glassware, & Tools
Saturday, 22 Dec, 2012 09:30 AM Selling for Multiple Estates
O'Neals Auction Center, 11112 Laurel Road in Laurel, DE Terms: Cash, Approved Check, or Visa/MC on day of sale. A 13% Buyer's Premium will be charged on all items with a 3% discount when paying with cash or check. All items are sold, "AS-IS".
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General Information: PUBLIC AUCTION

Saturday, December 22, 2012
9:30 a.m. (Outside Items)  10:00 a.m. (Inside Glassware)

Preview: Friday, Dec. 21st from 10:00 a.m. Until 6:00 p.m. And morning of sale at 8:00 a.m.

Furniture at 1:00 p.m. PA House 6 pc. Cherry livingroom suit, mahogany chest, early store counter, Macey mahogany stack file, white painted corner cupboard, oak bureau, 2-3 pc. Waterfall bedroom suits, set of 6 ladderback wash bottom chairs, Victorian side chairs, oriental design curio cabinet, Art modern shoe chair, window bench PA House cherry end tales, ladies slant front desk, set of 4 lyre back chairs, Bassett wingchair, Lane recliner, mahogany sideboard, maple dressers, youth beds, double bed, 5 pc. Dinette set, several stands and tables, table lamps, floor lamps, HPJ Roland Digital piano, RS Howard mahogany piano with bench, porch glider, green painted porch bench, porch rocker bench, linen press, Harris electric stove heater, and many items too numerous to mention.

Glassware at 10:00 a.m. Wallace Nutting print, oil paintings, watercolors, several pieces of Mccoy pottery, bossons, metal figures, art deco lamp, yellowware mixing bowls, dresser set, glass baskets, 9 pc. Chocolate set, slag glass dresser lamp, paperweights, mortal and pedastals, inkwell, garden seat, depression glass, 4 pc. Washbowl and pitcher set, early dickie john, coffee grinder, guitars, toys and many items too numerous to mention.

Guns at 11:30 a.m. Over 65 assorted guns such as: Remington model 1100, 12 ga. Auto. Shotgun w/vented rib, Remington Wingmaster model 870 12 ga. Pump w/vented rib, Remington model 870, 12 ga. Pump w/vented rib, Remington 870 Express, 20 ga pump w/vented rib, J. Stevens Springfield 12 ga double barrel shotgun, H&R Ultra Slug 20 ga shotgun w/Bushnell scope & Butler Creek sling, Marlin Golden 39-A Mountie, 22 ca lever action rifle w/Redfield scope, Winchester model 70XTR 308 bolt action rifle w/Bushnell scope, Savage model 10, 22-250 ca bolt action rifle w/Simmons scope, Savage model 10, 223 ca bolt action rifle w/Bushnell scope, Ruger M77 Mark II 243 ca bolt action rifle, w/Leupold scope and sling, Savage Anschitz Mark 12 22 ca bolt action rifle w/Burris scope & sling, C2527 American 222 ca bolt action rifle w/Bushnell scope, Winchester 25-20 W.C.F. Lever action carbine, Marlin model 336 35 ca lever action carbine, Ruger All Weather 77/50 black powder rifle, Ithaca M-49 22 ca lever action carbine, Henry 22 ca lever action carbine, Winchester model 94, 38-55 ca lever action carbine w/octagonal barrel and peep sight, Marlin model 92 lever action carbine, Winchester model 1904 22 ca single shot rifle, other 22 ca rifles, black powder rifles, and others.
Hand guns such as: Ruger Mark II Target pistol w/Weaver scope, Navy 44 ca revolver w/holster, Diamondback 380 pistol w/case, Colt M1991A1 45 ca pistol w/case, Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 ca revolver w/case, 9 mm pistol, Rock Island 45 ca pistol w/case, Glock 22, 40 ca pistol w/case, Browing Buckmaster 22 ca pistol w/case, Kimbey 45 ca pistol w/case, Beretta Border Marshall 45 ca pistol w/case, and other pistols.
2 gun safes, various ammo., reloading equipment, gun cases, several scopes, hunting knives, pocket knives, (2) Samuri swords, bows, arrows, tree stands, and other related items.

To be sold after guns: 2007 Kawasaki Eliminator 125 motorcycle w/ 745 original miles, very clean. Craftsman 17.5 hp riding mower LT 2000 w/ 42 deck, Treadlok 15 gun and pistol safe, Stack-On 10 gun and pistol safe, various ammo. Reloading equipment, gun cases, 2 samuri swords, pocket knives, hunting knives, several scopes, bow, arrows, fishing rod and reels, tree stands and several hunting related items.

Showcases to be sold at 1:30 p.m.: Mans Rolex submariner wristwatch w/ oyster perpetual date, mans masonic ring with diamond, pocket watches, sterling jewelry, costume jewelry, powder flash, a collection of over 50 standing Liberty & Peace silver dollars of various dates, military medals and badges, several other collectible items.

Outside Items at 9:30 a.m. Snap-on wrenches, Mac wrenches, Craftsman wrenches, Craftsman socket sets, Craftsman adjustable wrenches, Craftsman 9 table saw, Craftsman high pressure washer, Delta band saw, Troy bilt edger, Poulan & Bolen push mowers, wheelbarrows, Skil sawsall, battery drills, pipe wrenches, furniture clamps, C clamps, screwdrivers, aluminum extension ladder, step ladders, yard and garden hand tools, 2 wheel lawnmower trailer, fertilizer spreaders, Schwinn bikes, animal traps and cages, books, Christmas decorations and many, many items too numerous to mention.

Terms: Cash, Approved Check, or Visa/MC on the day of sale. All items must be paid for on the day of sale. A 13% Buyer's Premium will be charged on all items, with a 3% discount when paying with cash or check. All items are sold, AS-IS. Removal of items within 5 days.

The above listed items including household items, furniture, glassware, tools, and guns are from the Estate of Mark Coverdale of Milford, Delaware. This will be a great auction to get those last minute Christmas items. The gun shop will be open Christmas Eve Day for registration of any guns that are purchased and need to be picked up prior to Christmas. Jos. C. O'Neal, Inc. would like to thank everyone for another successful year. We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


1. Iver Johnson Target Model 55, 22 cal. Revolver

2. Smith & Wesson 5 shoot revolver

3. CVA, Made in Italy, Black powder derringer

4. Sile-Inc. New York, 44 cal. Navy model revolver

5. Navy Arms Co., 44 cal revolver w/ holster

6. Ruger Hunter Super Blackhawk, 44 cal magnum with case

7. Beretta Border Marshal, 92 Brigadier, 9 mm pistol w/ case

8. Rock Island Armory, 45 cal pistol w/ case

9. Kimbey, Classic Custom Target, 45 cal. Pistol, 2 clips and case

10. Browning, Buckmark, 22 cal pistol w/ Millett scope, 2 clips and soft case

11. Glock 22, 40 cal pistol w/ case

12. Ruger, Mark II Target, 22 cal pistol w/ Millett scope, 2 clips and soft case

13. Colt M1991A1, Commander model, 45 cal. Pistol w/ case

14. Diamondback 380, .380 cal pistol w/ case

15. Beretta, series 92, 9 mm pistol w/ clips and box

16. Walther Nighthawk, .177 cal pistol w/ scope and case

17. 2-Hopkins and Allen revolvers for parts

18. Code 22 cal revolver

19. H & R 32 cal. revolver

20. H & R 22 cal revolver

21. Winchester, Model 70XTR, 308 cal bolt action rifle w/ Bushell scope and front supports

22. Browning Medallion, 22 cal bolt action rifle w/ Burris scope and sling

23. CZ 527 American, 222 cal bolt action rifle w/ Bushell scope and front supports, made in Czech Republic

24. Savage, Model 10, 22-250 cal bolt action rifle with Simmons scope and front supports

25. Savage, Model 10, 223 cal bolt action rifle, with Bushell scope

26. Savage/Anschutz Mark 12, 22 cal bolt action rifle w/ Redfield scope

27. Ruger M77, Mark II, 243 cal bolt action rifle w/ Leupold scope and sling

28. Remington, Model 1100, 12 ga auto shotgun w/ vented rib

29. Remington, Wingmaster, Model 870, 12 ga pump shotgun w/ vented rib

30. Remington, 870 Express Magnum, 20 ga pump shotgun with vented rib and box

31. J. Stevens, Springfield, 12 ga double barrel shotgun

32. Browning, 12 ga auto shotgun w/ vented rib and poly choke

33. H & R, Ultraslug, 20 ga shotgun w/ Bushell scope, sling and box

34. New England Firearms, sportstar, Mach 2 .17 cal rifle w/ simmons scope and box

35. Thompson Center Arms, 22 classic Benchmark, 22 cal rifle w/ Simmons scope and box

36. Winchester, 25-20 W.C.F. Model 92, lever action carbine

37. Winchester, model 94, Cheyenne, 44-40 cal lever action carbine w/ box

38. Winchester, Model 94, 38-55 cal lever action rifle w/ octagon barrel, beep sight and box

39. Winchester, Ranger, 30-30 lever action carbine

40. Winchester, model 1904, 22 cal single shot rifle

41. Henry Repeating Arms, 22 cal lever action carbine

42. Marlin, Model 92, 32 cal lever action carbine

43. Marlin, Model 336, 35 cal lever action carbine

44. Marlin, Golden 39-A Mountie, 22 cal lever action carbine w/ Redfield scope

45. E. Remington and son, No.1 sporting, rolling block rifle w/ octagon barrel

46. Numrich Arms, 444 Creedmoon, single shot rifle w/ Lyman peep sight

47. Remington, 22 cal single shot rifle w/ octagon barrel

48. Lac Billerica, Model 99, 1887 Coach Gun, 12 ga double barrel

49. Remington, Speed Feed, 12 ga pump shotgun

50. Rugar All Weather, 77/50, 50 cal black powder rifle w/ box

51. Antonio Zoli, made in Italy, 58 cal black powder rifle

52. E. Remington & sons, Military Breech-Loading rolling black rifle w/ sling

53. Military carbine, serial #748676

54. Hamilton & Son, Model 27, 22 cal single shot rifle

55. J. Stevens, Little Scout, 14 ½, 22 cal single shot rifle

56. Early octagon barrel breech load, 22 cal single shot rifle

57. J. Stevens, Model 87-A, 22 cal semi-auto rifle

58. Remington, Model 514, 22 cal single shot rifle

59. Ithaca, Model M-49, 22 cal lever action carbine

60. Daisey, Model 2201 Legacy, 22 cal octagon barrel, single shot rifle

61. .410 single shot rifle

62. Richland Arms, Michigan 45 cal black powder rifle

63. Mossberg, Model 500, 12 ga pump shotgun

64. Mosenegent M91/30 Russian bolt action rifle w/ bayonete

65. Mossberg, Model 51M, 22 cal rifle w/ peep sight

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